Niccolò Bonfadini is a young engineer and photographer living in Drammen, Norway.

Since he was a child he has always been fascinated by Nature. Some years ago he discovered his passion for photography and since then he has started traveling intensively with his camera.

He finds in Nature a place to refuge from the noise and frenesy of everyday life. For him nothing is more fulfilling that being out in the wilderness witnessing a sunrise or a starry sky. Photography motivates him to get out into Nature more often, experiencing conditions and places that he wouldn’t probabily have witnessed otherwise. Altough he loves photography, his biggest passion is traveling: while travelling he feels a sense of freedom and indipendence that he is consantly looking for.

He uses a Canon digital camera and a Mamiya medium format analog camera (mainly with Provia 100f and Astia 100f) that he recently purchased , along with graduated neutral density filters for balancing the exposure of the sky, a polarizer and ND filters.

Recently he has started collaborating with a group of talented photographer for the “Wildvisions Nature Photography” Project. In the website you will find great nature photographs from all over the world and various articles about photography techniques, travels and post processing.

Contact me if you have any questions.