5 Key Points for a Comparative Essay That Can Sweep Your Readers Off Their Feet

Students often get confused about different types of essays. There are just so many of them! However, what matters is knowing and familiarizing yourself with each one of them. As a student, it is your core responsibility to learn how to write them effectively in order to get stellar grades too.

One of these essays that I am referring to is a comparative essay. Unlike other essays, this one is not really often required by teachers. This is why students get surprised whenever a teacher gives this type of essay task for compliance. If you are wondering how to write a comparative essay, you are reading the right article!

Essential Points to Remember in Writing a Comparative Essay

Just like any other essay, a comparative essay requires a specific convention. In meaning, this type of essay aims to compare and contrast, judge, and measure different subjects. These subjects may either have close similarities or vary in a lot of ways.

Students should change their mindset that pushes them to think of essays as a boring type of task because they are actually challenging. Essays will allow you to sight your opinions and use them to support or oppose a specific stand. Before you go to the writing process, make sure that you understand these five tips on how to write a comparative essay:

  1. Try to do a rough outline first

    It is important to develop your content first, before directly going to the writing process. In most cases, students go off track during the process of writing their essays for the simple fact that they do not have a guide in doing so. Learn to do an outline and see how it can help you finish your essays in a faster way!

    First, you just need to identify your subjects. Under this part, you need to list down their similarities and comparisons. Next, determine your stand about the topic. You can actually improve and add other things based on your preference.

  2. Know the right format and the things to include

    A lot of you are already familiar with the introduction, body, and conclusion format. The same goes for doing comparative essays too. However, the problem is that some students have a hard time looking for things to include in their works.

    As simple as it is, the introduction includes the presentation of your subjects. It is good to introduce your topic in a unique and exceptional way. The body is divided into separate paragraphs that will discuss your arguments, and be ready to expound on some concepts in a way that will interest the readers. Finally, the conclusion can be a summary of your topic or a call for action towards readers.

  3. Read your topics thoroughly

    There is nothing more worth reading than an essay written by someone who knows his/her topic very well. This is actually an obvious rule that reminds you that in order to make a comprehensive essay, you must know your topic sufficiently. You cannot guide someone into a place you know nothing about.

  4. Never ever procrastinate

    See, one of the issues students get to experience from time to time is that they always tend to do their tasks the night before the submission date. Some of them got lucky and even managed to get a good product out of their cramming. However, not everyone experiences the same.

    Most people get low-quality products when rushing the process of doing certain tasks. People often neglect to write about important things and miss out on a lot of parts. To avoid this from happening, make sure to plan ahead and do your comparative essay as soon as possible.

  5. Proofread or revise your work

    Lastly, try to rest and get your mind off your essay after you finish it. Do other things and immerse in other activities. After that, go straight to your essay and read it twice. See if you can detect errors and conflicts within the paper.

Writing a comparative essay may seem difficult at first glance. But if you get to know more about the tips and techniques of doing one, then you will actually find out that it is fun and easy. Go ahead and start writing one today using these excellent points on how to write a comparative essay!