How To Write A Summary Essay Without Any Hassles

A summary essay is typically an overview of the actual piece of writing. It is concisely written for others to sum up the main ideas of the original text. This is unlike a usual summary that aims at giving a better comprehension of what was just read. This is critical to understand when it comes to how to write a summary essay.

The purpose of composing a summary essay is to express the essence of the read text without re-reading the same. You can write such an essay on any thought-provoking article, scientific composition, research work, and any book. It is totally fine to write this essay on any topic. This post aims to make this essay writing easier for you by sharing the steps and don’ts.

Don’ts of Summary Essay

Everyone will tell you what to do while writing a summary essay. However, that’s only half work done. This is because you also need to know what not to do when it is a matter of how to write a summary essay. So, let’s check the don’ts first.

  • Avoid including your own calculations, estimations, or assessments. Remember, you are not supposed to give your perceptions.
  • Never ever include your own inferences or examples to explain anything. Your scope of writing is confined up to summarizing the original work in short as well as in your own words. It is fine if you repeat the details but do not plagiarize while doing so.
  • Do not recall information that is secondary or supportive. You just need to cover the main points.
  • Do not ignore adding conversations or connectors while switching to another idea.

Steps to an Effective Summary Essay

Following are the steps that you should know and follow to write a summary essay without any hassles:

  1. Go through the original piece of work carefully and read it as if you are the author. This will give you a feel of the original author’s style of writing and tone as well as easily help you to identify the key ideas of the whole text.
  2. Create a logical outline that ensures proper flow and continuity. For this, just chunk the main ideas into different sections. This splitting makes it easier for readers to grasp and understand your summary essay. Now, just read each section once more to emphasize the key points. Highlight the points that you intend to refer to while writing this kind of essay.
  3. Write the key idea as a short overview in each section once you are clear about the source’s information.
  4. Form an introduction such that it concisely conveys the major ideas. It should encompass the author’s name and work title along with the author’s background information if required.
  5. Compose the body paragraphs. In these sections, specify the ideas you have selected while going through the original work. Elucidate them by covering an example from the original piece.
  6. Finally, write the conclusion if you are asked to include it.

With these steps on how to write a summary essay, you will now find it easy to compose it. So, are you ready?