The Importance of Writing an Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is a must-have list of citations to several books, articles, documents that serve as your reference and supporting information to your paper. Most of the annotations contain short descriptions that are typically 100 to 150 words in length. What makes this list important to researchers is that it provides relevant information, accurate citations and high quality leads that can be used as a solid support to your claims.

How Are Annotations created?

To create a useful annotation requires excellent intellectual and organizational skills. You have to be concise in writing your exposition, analytical to valuable leads you have found and patient in doing library research because it requires a lot of time to get the best information.

For a systematic annotation, the best thing that you can do is to locate and record the materials that you want to annotate. The materials can be periodicals, books, magazines, clippings or any printed material and non-printed material that is useful to your study.

Afterward, review each material and choose the best materials that have able to provide you with ample information that is valuable to your topic. In making your annotations, you have to cite the book, the article or the document using the required styles in writing your term paper.

For easy locating of your material, what you can do is to write a concise annotation that summarizes the central theme and the scope of the document that you want to annotate.

Why you should create an annotated bibliography?

Most teachers nowadays encourage students to create a list of annotated bibliographies for the following reasons:

  • It motivates the researchers to understand their topic more.

    As you write your annotations, you begin to understand the stand of your topics and its more important picture. It allows you to gain perspective about your study and be able to develop your views about it. Best of all, it will enable you to track the latest studies that are related to your paper which you can use to support your research.

  • It prevents procrastination and increases more study time

    Through annotated bibliographies, it allows students to focus more on their paper and avoid procrastination. Since students are required to hand in their annotations, they are forced to use their time wisely to develop their study into something that is beneficial.

  • It improves the research skills of the students

    Through annotated bibliographies, it makes the students become better researchers because it makes them systematic and rational in choosing the kind of material that they will use in their studies. The more you critique something, the more you get used to doing it until it became a habit. Aside from the advantage that you will be able to find the right reference for your study, what annotated bibliography enhances is your ability to create a comprehensive overview of specific topics.

With the tasks that teachers give to students, it doesn’t mean that your teachers want to torture you with school work. Keep in mind that even in the corporate world, term papers and thesis exists in the form of business plans, case studies, field studies, etc.